Mahnoor name meaning in urdu, Lucky Number, Lucky Stones, Nature, Personality, Passion

Mahnoor name meaning in urdu, Lucky Number, Lucky Stones, Nature, Personality, Passion

Mahnoor Name Meaning is Light, Radiance, Moon, Moonlight . It is a Muslim Girl name with fortunate number 3. Mahnoor is a Urdu name that is broadly well known in every single Muslim country. Framing names in blend with different words is regularly utilized. You can likewise observe comparative names to Mahnoor like Maira, Mahira, Maryam.

Mahnoor Name Details
Light, Radiance, Moon, Moonlight
Urdu / Islami / Muslim
ماہ نور
Muslim / Islamic / Arabic
Mahnoor Lucky Number
'Mahnoor lucky number is 5'
Lucky Stones
White Pearl
Peace Lovers, Loving and Persuasive
Very Helpful, Love to encourage harmony in work place
You Want To Let People Know About Your Success Because You Feel Proud Of Your Success.

Mahnoor Name Meaning in a real sense means moonlight and starts from the Arabic language. Mahnoor Name Meaning in Urdu is “chand ki roshni”. The fortunate number connected with this name is 5 and the days related with this name are Sunday and Tuesday. The fortunate metal for this name is Copper and stone is Topez. Individuals with this name have solid clairvoyant abilities. They love to continue any undertaking for other people and have a responsive character. They are solid willed, pragmatic, and obstinate a ton of times. Most importantly, they lean toward legit, home and security in their life resounds with the terms innovative, free, strong, and appreciation. They are truly adaptable and jump at the chance to be valued for the endeavors that they do. They like to discuss their thoughts with individuals from various societies and gatherings. Their awful component is vulnerability and they get effectively exhausted.

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